Why Have a Winter Wedding

There is something quite magical about the winter season. It may be the smell of hot chocolate and cinnamon toast filling the air. Or perhaps it is just the snow. But no one can deny that the combination of all those beautiful things makes for a perfect winter wedding. 

Are you considering having one but unsure what you stand to gain? Keep reading because we explain why a winter wedding is a star in its own right.

The Magic of Snow

The very idea of a white wedding is arguably the most popular incentive for planning a winter wedding. There's something wonderful about having snow on the ground on the big day and incorporating it into your plans.


However, you must also be realistic. If you're planning a carriage ride, have a backup plan in case the roads become too tough or the horse cannot navigate the ice. Have spare shoes, a dress, and a thick coat if something occurs!

You Don’t Have to Worry About the Weather Conditions

Planning a wedding is a challenging undertaking. It normally involves a lot of tension, including concerns about the weather - especially if the venue is outside.


Winter weddings are often held indoors in venues like the Cockliffe Country House. So you don't have to worry about the wind, rain, or snow. Mother Nature is unpredictable, and removing it from the equation relieves stress for you, your guests, and vendors.

More Options for Colour

In the winter, deep, opulent colours and elegant decorations offer a sense of elegance to your wedding decor.


Embrace the charm of a winter wedding by including pinecones, luxuriant foliage, holly, baubles, and wreaths in your decor. Enhance the atmosphere with a soft glow of fairy lights and a touch of sparkle.


It Offers You a Winter Honeymoon

A winter wedding provides an excellent opportunity to plan a honeymoon in a warm and exotic location. As we face the cold in the winter, our desire for sunny beaches, refreshing pools, and tropical cocktails grows stronger. What better way to end a winter wedding than to escape to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean for a wonderful vacation?

Alternatively, consider a winter vacation as an ideal post-wedding retreat. Embrace the season by skiing or staying in an ice hotel. With limitless possibilities, a winter wedding sets the stage for an unforgettable and adventurous start to married life.

Nailing Your Winter Wedding Photography

Winter weddings pose distinct problems for photographers compared to summer festivities. Working with limited natural light, uncertain weather, and dimly lit locations necessitates particular abilities. To ensure your winter wedding is tastefully documented, employ a photographer with expertise in these conditions.

Before committing to a wedding photographer, ask to examine examples of their work from winter weddings. Inquire about their tactics for dealing with adverse weather and low light conditions. It is critical not to presume they can manage these issues without expertise.


You need a photographer skilled in all lighting circumstances and imaginative enough to create breathtaking photographs. But be prepared, too. You might be asked to take quite a few photos.